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High Power Led - As Long As There Is A Usb Connector Can Be Used - Can Connect The Computer With Usb - - Perfect For Camping, Hiking, Hunting, Fishing, Mountaineering Or Diving At Nights - Need To Be Powered By Usb Devices Such As Power Bank Tablet Pc E-Book Smart Phone Etc - Powered By Usb.This is a flexible USB white light that easily plugs into your computer or laptop or even a power banks USB port and provides light for reading books or typing. It provides great usefulness while you are traveling and is easy to carry. mini size and lightweight, easily put in your pocket to carry Suitable for both indoor and outdoor, It is Portable, small size - only 3.5inch, without battery, so you can take it anywhere.It is quiet enough. For Android Micro plug phone (phone need OTG function to support USB connector can be used Can connect the computer with USB, such as mobile power supply, the output of the equipment Perfect for camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, mountaineering or diving at nights Need to be powered by USB Devices such as power bank Tablet PC E-BOOK Smart phone etc

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