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Model No. SOROO POWER BANK 13000mah

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 13000mAh Power Bank is a reliable and trustworthy companion for you. This product is BIS certified. The power bank is a high quality device that lets you charge your mobile phones or tablets anytime anywhere while on the go. The device lets you always stay safe with enough battery so that your mobile phone does not run out of battery in times of emergencies. This is a power bank that is very reliable as it can help charge up to two devices at once. The power bank also has a light function that lets you know about the usage of the power bank. Battery Capacity Micromax 13000mAh Power Bank has a power capacity of 13000mAh, Battery Type Li-ion, this makes the device extremely powerful and full of heavy duty power. Once fully charge it can charge two phones at the same time and can charge them completely. The power bank is a very necessary device to have these days as everyone is increasingly dependent on their mobile phones and having a power bank can help you always keep your phone powered up. Design Micromax 13000mAh Power Bank is made using high quality materials that are long lasting and highly durable. This power bank has rubber finished and makes it slip free grip. The power bank is a good looking device that is designed to perfection. It is easy to carry around with you wherever you go. It is most useful during travelling, in offices, in emergencies when electricity is not available and so on. Compatible Devices Micromax 13000mAh Power bank is compatible with almost all mobile phones. It has two USB port outlets that let you attach two devices at once to charge. Easy to Use Control Buttons The Micromax device has two output ports of which two are 5v/2.1A and one is a 5v/1A output device. This allows for good charging and it can be carried anywhere. The power rating of the device is 13000mAh that will last a good few hours and charge your device super quickly.

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